Driving License;Motor Vehicle;Accident Dealing;Law Breaking
Multiple Hospital Options; Clear Consultation Process; Easy Payment Methods
Go to the official ticketing platform of "Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园);Find the park that you want to visit;Fill in the required information and make payment; Check your e-ticket information
Prepare Your Passport;Procedure for Applying for a SIM Card;Methods to Check Balance and Top Up Your SIM Card
Report the loss of your passport;Obtain a passport loss certificate;Apply for a new passport;Apply for a replacement visa
Dial(+8610)12345;File a civil lawsuit with the competent People’s Court that has jurisdiction; what are consumers’ right;Things to Notice for Prepaid Consumption
Apply for a Medical Certificate of Birth;Apply for a Certificate of Vaccination;Apply for 'Temporary Residence Registration';Beijing's 17 Exit-entry Administration Service Centers for Foreign Nationals
Purchase Eligibility;Online Contract;Transfer of Ownership