How Foreigners Purchase Tickets Online for Beijing Municipal Parks
Go to the official ticketing platform of "Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园)
Find the park that you want to visit
Fill in the required information and make payment
Check your e-ticket information
Step 1

Foreign visitors can book tickets in real name on the official website or WeChat account of "Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园), or "Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园) mini program.

  • 1. Scan the QR code to follow the official WeChat account of "Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园), tap "Book Your Ticket" (预约购票), and select "Beijing Municipal Parks" (市属公园).
  • 2.

    Search for "Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园) on your browser, go to the official ticketing website (of which the default language is Chinese, which can be changed to English by clicking "Language" on the upper-right of the website), and click "Purchase Your Ticket" (景点购票).

  • 3. Search the"Visiting Beijing Parks" (畅游公园) mini program on WeChat, and tap "Book Your Ticket" (预约购票).
Step 2

After entering the official WeChat account/website/mini program of "Visiting Beijing Parks", switch the language to English, find the park you want to visit, read "Kind reminder" carefully, and click/tap "Start".

1.  Tickets for nine municipal parks are available on "Visiting Beijing Parks", including the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Zhongshan Park, Xiangshan Park, Beijing Zoo, Yuyuantan Park, and Taoranting Park. If you want to purchase tickets for China National Botanical Garden, please refer to the attachment for the Guide for Purchasing Tickets for China National Botanical Garden in PDF format.

2. Zizhuyuan Park is a free-admission park and no reservation is required.

3.  For other parks, please visit their exclusive ticketing platforms.

Step 3

Open the homepage, fill in the required information, select the date of visit, time period, and number of visitors, add the required information of the visitors, click/tap "Submit Order", and complete payment.

Tips: Foreign visitors can purchase tickets with passports or permanent residence permits.

Step 4

After payment, click/tap "Return" to check your e-ticket.

Tips: Go to "My Ticket" to check the information of the e-ticket you have purchased if needed. You can enter the park by scanning the QR code, and a valid ID such as your passport must be presented.