During the summer, various cultural exhibitions and the extended operation hours of multiple tourist projects have enriched visitors' nightlife, increasing the number of visitors to Beijing's parks. However, as visitors hang out for a longer time and take more photos, it is inconvenient if their mobile phones are dead.

The Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks has detailed tourists' needs to make visitors' trips more convenient. The Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven Park, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Fragrant Hills Park, Taoranting Park, Zizhuyuan Park, Yuyuantan Park and Beijing Zoo, have added 55 locations of visitors centers, commercial spaces, and public toilets; 89 sets of equipment and 1176 portable chargers for the convenience of visitors.

The Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks will use the big data platforms to further improve its services. It will adjust the quota of tickets sales according to analyzed holiday travel patterns, provide drinking water, umbrellas, wheelchairs and more than 70 kinds of items to protect against the summer heat such as sunscreen clothing, sun hats, and small fans, so that tourists can have a better experience.

(Source: Beijing Daily)