A Guide for Purchasing SIM Cards in Beijing
Prepare Your Passport
Procedure for Applying for a SIM Card

Prepare Your Passport

Prepare the the mobile card user's passport. Any individual with a valid passport can apply for a maximum of five SIM cards, each with a different phone number.


Procedure for Applying for a SIM Card

Locations for Application: Service halls directly operated by China Mobile, China Unicom or China Telecom; you can call the service hotline of your mobile network operator in advance for the information on the service hall closest to you.

Inquiry Hotlines

China Mobile: +86-10086

China Unicom: +86-10010

China Telecom: +86-10000

Service Hours: The operating hours of each service hall may vary, but typically they are from 8:30 to 20:00, Mondays to Sundays. Please note that each service hall may have its specific hours of operation.

Application Process: Upon arriving at the service hall, please obtain a numbered appointment ticket from the ticket machine, then wait in line. When your number is called, present your passport at the designated service window to complete the process. (Please note that if there are few people, you may skip getting a ticket and proceed directly to the service window.)

Timeframe: Immediate processing and issuance

Fees: There are no processing fees. The cost of mobile plan packages will be calculated based on the actual rates set by the respective mobile network operators in China.


1. If you have difficulty communicating in the local language, we recommend downloading a translation app in advance or bringing a Chinese-speaking friend with you.

2. It is advisable to choose a service hall directly operated by the network operators. Before visiting, you can call the branch to inquire whether they accept applications from foreign nationals.