On March 20, "Chao Tuantuan" and "Chao Yuanyuan", two mascots of the National Stadium (also known as the "Bird's Nest") made their official debut at the National Stadium Cultural Center.


The design of "Chao Tuantuan" ingeniously combines the rather round shape of a giant panda and future technologies. Its facial screen can display a variety of expressions and images, capable of communicating and interacting. The design inspiration of "Chao Tuantuan" embodies the unity of the nine continents and the Olympic spirit.

"Chao Yuanyuan", taking its motif after fenghuang (mythological birds also known as "Chinese phoenixes") born in the Bird's Nest, is an incarnation of both the aura of heaven and earth as well as the Olympic spirit. It has a lively and charming countenance, with long eyelashes outlining its clever and bright eyes. The design of its tail is based on the curves of the Bird's Nest and is full of dynamism. The interior of the curved surface is painted with the five Olympic colors, displaying dynamic beauty resulting from the skillful integration of the Olympic spirit and the elements of the Bird's Nest.


It is reported that the creation of the two mascots involved the efforts of millions of people. As the digital spokesperson of the Bird's Nest, they will become the new symbols of this stadium and bring more exciting activities and experiences to visitors who love and care about the Bird's Nest.

Sources: People's Daily, The Beijing News