Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center is a specialized investment promotion agency under the direct supervision of the Beijing Municipal Government. Our mission is to attract domestic and foreign investment to Beijing by providing investors with free access to relevant introductions, policy briefings, project consulting, resource matching and other services to support their development in Beijing. If you need any information or services about investments in Beijing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you with professional advice and services.

To help businesses better understand support policies for key areas and key sectors, the Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center has systematically summarized support policies at both the municipal and district levels in fields such as industrial development, financial incentives, land availability, household registration for talent, and enterprise services, and has launched the "Support Policy Packages for Investment Attraction in Beijing", providing an easy-to-understand/use "explanation" or "user manual" of support policies for investment attraction in Beijing.


The Support Policy Packages for Investment Attraction in Beijing is a collection of relevant policies and provisions. The power of interpreting each specific policy shall be vested in the policy formulation unit. In case of any changes to or abolition of the policies, or any disagreement regarding the interpretation of policies, the policy formulation unit reserves the power of interpretation.

Investment Attraction Special Line of Beijing: +86-10-89153747


Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center (BIPB)