National Museum for Modern Chinese Scientists Now Open to Public

The National Museum for Modern Chinese Scientists, located within the National Communication Center for Science and Technology in the Cultural Integration Zone of Beijing's Olympic Center, opened its inaugural exhibition to the public on May 30. The exhibition consists of a main exhibition and five themed exhibitions, and covers a total area of around 5,000 square meters.


Part of the exhibits in the museum

[Photo via Beijing Daily]

The main exhibition, "The Backbone of the Republic - Masterpieces from the China Science Museum," is part of a larger project collecting historic data from the lives of veteran scientists. It showcases over 400 physical objects, 400 photos, and more than 10 large exhibits provided by the research organizations of over 190 different scientists. The five themed exhibitions center on the aspirations and beliefs of Qian Xuesen, the life achievements of Deng Jiaxian, the stories of Chinese scientists returning from America in the 1950s, the Chinese engineers driving the country's industrial heritage, and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Flora of China.


Part of the exhibits in the museum

[Photo via The Beijing News]

Reserve your visit today on the museum's official WeChat account at "国家科技传播中心" or "中国科学家博物馆"!

(Sources: Beijing Daily, The Beijing News)