As the Beijing Demonstration Center of Service for Persons with Disabilities, the Huiai Building Public Welfare Reading Space features its exceptional accessibility, and provides barrier-free services that are safe, convenient, and comfortable for individuals with special needs. The space offers a wide range of high-quality cultural activities tailored for people with special needs, including free cultural services, and internship opportunities and relevant training programs.

The space boasts a rich collection of large-print and Braille books, as well as barrier-free films for visually impaired people. Accessible books are designed to help individuals with special needs enjoy digital entertainment and leisure activities through technology such as audio book players. Similarly, accessible cinemas provide an opportunity for them to enjoy cultural events. The space strives to cultivate interest and enthusiasm in reading among individuals with special needs, enable them to experience the joys of reading and boost their cultural confidence. It also aims to promote an inclusive society and encourage the disabled to share the benefits of social development, as well as cultural and ethical progress.

Address: Huiai Building, No.23, Lianhuachi Nanli, Fengtai District, Beijing