The T∙A Club Tea and Book Bar consists of a light music area and a quiet reading area in the hall, self-study tables for one or two persons, a Chinese tea room, a Japanese tea room, and meeting rooms. Be it study, rest, small salons, or reading clubs, it is an ideal place.

In addition to a pleasant environment, the bar also provides a variety of tea drinks and refreshments for learners, mainly including floral and fruit tea, spiced tea, black tea, white tea, scented tea, and Pu'er tea, as well as pastries and desserts. Various facilities and equipment such as printers and copiers, wireless screen projectors, self-service storage, eye-caring table lamps are available here. You can also pat the kittens to relax yourself.

Address: Room 201, Building 5, Courtyard 30, Shixing Avenue, Shijingshan District, Beijing