'The Beijing Charm of Tea' Global Youth Tea Party Held in Beijing


On July 5, "The Beijing Charm of Tea" Global Youth Tea Party was successfully held at Hugang Guild Hall. More than 50 young representatives, experts, scholars, and tea culture enthusiasts from nearly 30 countries including China, France, India, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom gathered here to make friends over tea.


During the event, young participants from various countries immersed themselves in activities at the over-200-year-old Huguang Guild Hall. They enjoyed the music pieces performed with guqin and experienced the art of tea. Besides tasting tea, they also enjoyed themselves in interactive, scenario-based activities like the tea exhibition and the sachet-making course.


"I really appreciate the unique ritualistic features of the Chinese tea culture. It shows a sense of refinement that attracts me, and I'm willing to invest time to learn and experience it," said a young participant from India.


Another young participant from Japan mentioned: "The Japanese tea ceremony shares the same roots with the Chinese tea culture and fully absorbs the essence of the latter."


"The Beijing Charm of Tea" Global Youth Tea Party is one of the side events of the "Cultural Dialogues between the Chinese and Foreign Young Generations" series. Other upcoming events of the series will continue to build platforms for enhancing friendship among the young people from China and the rest of the world, allowing them to experience the construction and development of Beijing and the entire China in the new era.

(Source: Beijing Fabu)