Discover Most Beautiful Rural Road! It's Time to Cycle Along Grand Canal

Recently, a cycling-themed event was held along the Grand Canal following the completion of the refurbishment project of the cycling station in Chenheng Village in Xiji Town, Tongzhou District.


Citizens cycling along the canal


The cycling station


Xiji Town surrounded by the Grand Canal and Chaobai River

The cycling station, which served as the starting point for the event, is less than 500 meters away from the canal. This facility with simple-looking yet eye-catching industrial elements is based on an abandoned public restroom. Inside the station, visitors can access a variety of services including provision of hot water, coffee and light meals, mobile phone charging, bicycle repair, etc.


Cyclists taking a rest at the station

In recent years, Xiji Town has developed several shaded greenways along the Northern Canal Dadi Road and Chaobai River Dadi Road. The Northern Canal Dadi Road has been awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Rural Road in Beijing" and has become an ideal place for many cycling enthusiasts to admire the beautiful scenery.


The bicycle provided at the cycling station has an electric power-assisted system.


Inside the cycling station, visitors can order coffee and light meals.

(Source: Beijing Daily)