Weekend Flower Excursion: Springtime's Enchanting Delight


Beijing's municipal parks are now bursting with vibrant blossoms like tulips, peonies, lilac, Chinese flowering crabapple, and Chinese violet cress flowers, thanks to a recent light rain. Join us this weekend to explore these rejuvenating floral landscapes across the city. 

Beihai Park


Recommended species: "Spring Flower" crabapple (Malus "Spring Snow"), midget crabapple, lilac, etc.

Summer Palace


Recommended species: Peach

The lakeshore is beautifully adorned this spring with verdant willow trees and peach blossoms in full bloom.

Temple of Heaven Park


Recommended Species: Flowering plum and Chinese violet cress

Jingshan Park


Recommended Species: Potted peonies, lilac, etc.

The park proudly displays about 400 pots of peonies, which have been encouraged to bloom early through flower cultivation techniques, making peonies its iconic flowers.

Zizhuyuan Park


Recommended Species: Purple-leafed plum and flowering plum

Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture


Recommended Species: Flowering quince and midget crabapple 

Fragrant Hills Park


Recommended Species: Persian buttercup

Persian buttercup, also known as the "King of Mountain Flowers", is beloved by many and dominates the springtime floral landscape of Fragrant Hills Park.

Taoranting Park


Recommended Species: Potted Yizhou crabapple (Chaenomeles 'yizhou')

For the first time, the park is showcasing 20 pots of Yizhou crabapple blossoms.

Yuyuantan Park


Recommended Species: Prunus lannesiana

The cherry blossoms of Yuyuantan Park, especially the Yujin, Guanshan and Songyue varieties, are currently in full bloom and offer a splendid sight.

(Source: Changyou Gongyuan)