Beijing Subway to Launch 'Dual-Temperature Carriage' Model on June 1


[Photo via The Beijing News]

As temperatures continue to rise in Beijing, Beijing Subway is taking steps to offer passengers cool travel experiences. Starting from June 1, the subway will implement the "dual-temperature carriage" model, featuring both cold and cool compartments across all lines (except the Capital Airport Express).

Beijing Subway has implemented independent temperature control for each passenger compartment by adjusting its system software. Cold and cool compartments are strategically positioned along each train based on objective conditions. Passengers can easily identify and board compartments according to signage on platforms and screen doors. The temperature gap between cold and cool compartments is maintained at 2°C. Additionally, daily temperature control strategies are tailored for different lines, based on factors such as weather conditions, passenger volumes, peak/off-peak hours, and transitions between above-ground and underground sections. Dynamic adjustments are made to accommodate passengers' preferences.

In addition to the trains, certain above-ground and elevated stations have also been made cooler. Between 2022 and 2023, 1,041 electric fans were installed at 56 above-ground stations. These fans are equipped with three-speed settings, allowing them to be adjusted according to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, thereby enhancing ventilation efficiency and offering passengers refreshing experiences.

(Source: Beijing Daily)