Capture Photos of 'Sea' in Ditan Park

Recently, some visitors to Ditan Park in Beijing have captured photos of a "sea" in the park.

If you enter the park by the east gate between 15:00 and 16:00 on sunny days, you will find a bench nestled between the two rows of trees towards the end of the route between the Fangze Tan (literally "square water altar") and the gateball court. At that time, dappled afternoon sunshine filters through the leaves, casting a warm glow on the dense foliage. If you use the bench as your focal point and reduce the exposure on your camera, you will see an infinite sea at the edge of the forest.

Many visitors have flocked there to take photos. "With sunlight resembling shimmering waves, the wall is like an ocean. Here, you will find life often brings us unexpected delights."

In response to the surge in the park's popularity on social media, the management of Ditan Park recommends, "The best time to take such photos is around 15:00-16:00, when the lighting is warm and gentle. Please refer to the provided map for the best vantage point to photograph the 'sea', which is highlighted in yellow."

Sources: "Beijing Fabu", Wechat official account "Wenlv Beijing", and official WeChat account of Ditan Park