Beijing's Green Coverage Reaches 16.9 Square Meters Per Capita

According to news from the Beijing Ecological Protection Press Conference on May 21, the forest coverage rate in Beijing has reached 44.9 percent, while the urban green coverage rate has risen to 49.8 percent. So far, 612 species of terrestrial wild vertebrates and 2,088 species of vascular plants have been discovered, indicating significant progress in biodiversity conservation efforts in urban landscaping.



Since 2012, Beijing has added over 7,000 hectares of urban green space, raising the per capita park green area from 15.5 to 16.9 square meters. The number of parks in the city has now reached 1,065. Presently, Beijing is home to 519 bird species, which represents over one-third of China's bird diversity. Among the capitals of G20 nations, Beijing ranks second in terms of bird species diversity, rightfully earning the title of a "bird paradise".

Source: CCTV News