Get Your Free Tickets for Beijing Museum Month!

Beijing Museum Month is scheduled to run from May 18 to June 18, featuring an exhibition week, a cultural and creative week, a film week, and a reading week.


The launch ceremony of the campaign will be held on May 18, at which Beijing will launch an event titled "100 Museums, 1,000 Exhibitions, and 10,000 Visitors" and release Beijing Museum Guide and Beijing Museum Map. "Yanzhao Region Sets Out Again in Spring - A Special Exhibition on Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region" will also kick off.

During the Exhibition Week (May 18-24), more than 100 museums will host nearly 1,000 online and on-site exhibitions, and 10,000 free tickets will be given out to the public and college students in Beijing every day.

Free Ticket Application


Log in to the "Beijing Museum Cloud" (北京博物馆云) mini-program and enter the section for the "100 Museums, 1000 Exhibitions, and 10,000 Visitors" (“百馆千展万人观”) event, where you can apply for free tickets without reservation. Tickets can be applied two days in advance. For example, you can apply for tickets on May 16 for your visit on May 18.

During the Cultural and Creative Week (May 25-31), there will be a competition, six fairs and several spaces. On May 25, the 2024 Beijing Museum Cultural and Creative Design Competition and the Cultural and Creative Week will kick off at the National Natural History Museum of China. From May 25 to 26, six weekend fairs will be held respectively at the National Natural History Museum of China, Museum of Grand Canal Culture, Beijing Art Museum, Eastern Suburbs Museum of China Railway Museum, Miaoying Temple and Tuancheng Fortress.

The Film Week (June 1-7) will feature the Museum Movie Nights. Nearly 30 museums will extend their opening hours to show more than 10 top-notch films and organize a series of "museum + film" activities, including online lectures themed "Understanding a Museum", on-site tours named "Understanding an Exhibition", and several activities themed "Enjoying a Film at a Museum".

The Reading Week (June 8-14) will see cooperation between museums and publishing houses. The Science Press, Cultural Relics Press, Beijing Publishing Group, Beijing Publications Distribution Group and many others will hold various reading activities at different museums, with the Capital Museum and the Museum of Grand Canal Culture as the main venues.

On June 18, an exhibition will be held to show highlights of the four themed weeks after online and offline selections.

(Source: The Beijing News)