2023-05-30  |  

On May 23, two new "quasi-museums" were inaugurated and opened to the public in Beijing. The newly unveiled establishments include Banbidian Village Museum of History and Hongyinzhai Sheng Culture Museum of Beijing. With their addition, Beijing now has a total of eight fascinating "quasi-museums".


Banbidian Village Museum of History [Photo via Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau]

Banbidian Village History Museum showcases a remarkable collection of 486 artifacts. Divided into four sections, the museum's exhibits employ digital sand tables, holographic projections, and video displays to unveil the past, present, and future of different "natural villages" (a term referring to the villages that have been naturally formed through the gathering of households). Visitors to the museum can gain profound insights into the history of Banbidian Village through its exhibitions and displays.

Hongyinzhai Sheng Culture Museum was founded by Wu Jingxin, a representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage item "Manufacturing Techniques of Hongyinzhai Sheng" ("Sheng" is a Chinese pipe instrument). Situated in Changping District, the museum possesses a collection of 320 pieces and sets of artifacts, encompassing royal instruments, instruments of various ethnic minorities, and modern instruments, presenting to the visitors the evolution of Chinese pipe instruments.


Hongyinzhai Sheng Culture Museum [Photo via Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau]

Beijing now boasts eight inaugurated "quasi-museums". The rest of these establishments, in addition to the aforementioned two, are Chongde Hall Plaque Museum, Beijing Xiang Sports Museum, Sound Art Museum, Guoyuyinxiang Hetian Jade Museum, Liaocang Digital Collections Museum, and the Site of Jing Bao Office (Former Residence of Shao Piaoping).

(Source: The Beijing News)