Palace Museum Offers Quick Booking Services for Tour Groups of Minors This Summer

As the summer vacation of 2024 approaches, the Palace Museum has issued summer visiting tips to ensure comfortable experiences for its visitors and the safety of both the ancient buildings and those touring around.

Ticket Reservation

The "Palace Museum" (故宫博物院) WeChat mini program serves as the official platform for purchasing tickets for entry and exhibitions. Reservations can be made starting at 20:00 seven days prior to the visits. Holders of the One-year Pass need to register at least one day in advance.

The Measures of the Palace Museum for Quick Ticket Booking and Checking for Tour Groups of Minors in Summer Vacation 2024 have been officially implemented since July 2, 2024. The tour groups consisting of minors can make quick reservations by sending emails to one to six days in advance during the summer vacation. Please check the "Palace Museum" WeChat mini program or the museum's official website for more details.


1. The Palace Museum opens at 8:30 and closes at 17:00 (no entry after 16:00). It is closed on Mondays (except statutory holidays). Customer service hotline: 400-950-1925

2. You can start your tour through the Meridian Gate. An electronic map is available on the "Palace Museum" mini program for navigation.

3. In case of a lost person during the tour, you can seek assistance from the nearest staff member or call the broadcasting room (010-85007424) or the stationed police station (010-85007494) for help. For lost items, please call the stationed police office (010-85007494).

4. If you or your companion(s) experience(s) physical symptoms such as heatstroke, or encounter(s) any emergency, please seek help from the nearest staff or call the Palace Museum's first aid station (010-85007120).

(Source: Palace Museum)