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[Photo via VCG]

As an important sci-tech-themed segment of the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the Thematic Exhibition on Telecommunication, Computer and Information Services this year will include two major exhibition halls themed on communications and digital technologies, and metaverse applications respectively, with an overall exhibition area of 17,150 square meters. So far, this thematic exhibition has attracted the participation of 326 Chinese and foreign enterprises, with 116 of them to present their exhibits offline and 210 to partake as online exhibitors. Together, they will fully showcase cutting-edge technologies and development outcomes in the fields of information and communication as well as metaverse.

Compared with its previous sessions, this year's CIFTIS will put more emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), with large models to become undoubtedly the biggest highlights of the fair. Various large models generated from different industrial scenarios will compete on the same stage.

"Jiutian Haisuan", an AI large model designed for handling government affairs, is capable of multi-dimensional information correlation, and versatile interaction designed for complex matters and processes. China Unicom's "Honghu" is the first large model tailored for telecommunications service operators' value-added services, available in two versions with 800 million and 2 billion training parameters respectively. "Honghu" is capable of undertaking tasks like text-to-image generation, video editing, and image-to-image generation. China Telecom's "TeleChat-E", an education-oriented version of "TeleChat" developed by the same enterprise, ranked seventh on the result list of the Global Comprehensive Evaluation of Large Models. Zhipu Huazhang Technology Co., Ltd., having received the strategic investment from Meituan, will also participate in the fair with Chat-GLM, a bilingual open-source model developed by Zhipu Huazhang. Several other AI-relevant technological outcomes will also be presented at this thematic exhibition.

With large models to take center stage, a group of specialized, refined, differential and innovative enterprises will also reveal their latest research and development achievements.

In the exhibition hall of KYLINSOFT covering over 500 square meters, which is situated near the North 4th Ring Road, a wall covered with awards and certificates bears witness to the extraordinary history of the efforts made in the self-dependent innovation for China's domestic operating systems. KYLINSOFT is committed to self-dependent innovation in core technologies, with over 700 patents applied. At this year's CIFTIS, it will showcase its operating system "KYLIN" honored as one of the Top 10 "National Major Projects" of Central State-owned Enterprises in 2020, the open-source operating system "openKylin 1.0", and a preview version of a new-generation operating system designed for Mongolian script.

This thematic exhibition will attract nearly 30 leading companies like KYLINSOFT, each with unique characteristics in their own subdivided industries. Together, they will showcase the latest research achievements in the fields such as operating systems, computing chips, remote sensing technology of artificial satellites, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, metaverse, and superconductivity-related technologies.

(Source: Beijing Evening News)