Global Digital Economy Conference 2024 Held in Beijing

The Global Digital Economy Conference (GDEC) 2024 was launched on July 2 and will run until July 5 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. This year's conference aims to establish a broader platform for global cooperation in the digital economy sectors. It consists of an opening ceremony, a main forum, six high-level forums, three branded sub-events, as well as numerous themed forums and other sub-events.


Multiple Enterprises Compete on Same Stage

At the immersive digital economy experience area within the China National Convention Center, nearly 80 enterprises showcase the future landscapes of the digital world in a vivid way. Visitors can enjoy a one-stop experience of the cutting-edge applications of digital economy in various industries, including  finance, healthcare, and transportation.


In the large-scale model display area, over 10 companies are showcasing the applications of large models, such as the latest high-definition image decoding technology and VR-based iris devices. In the exhibition area for metaverse, visitors can explore exhibition spaces using digital avatars, "visit" SOLANA (a shopping park in Chaoyang District) for coupons and even "explore" historical sites such as Yinxu and Sanxingdui. More than 10 digital persons from various fields are presenting the latest applications.

China's Solutions Highlighted Through Debuts of Products and More

For the GDEC this year, Beijing Municipality introduced Beijing Informational Technology Application and Innovation Experience Area to collectively showcase extraordinary innovative products and solutions concerning information technology applications.


A dedicated area for the launch of new technologies and products has also been set up to feature a plethora of technologies and products to be introduced to the public for the first time. This area aims to showcase China's achievements and innovative capabilities in terms of the digital economy, promoting Chinese solutions for the development of the global digital economy sectors.

This year's GDEC has invited industrial experts to share and discuss the latest technologies, research achievements, and application cases in the field of digital economy. The conference also features a bilateral meeting area to facilitate face-to-face negotiations for government-to-business and business-to-business cooperation.

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