Specializing in services such as books, special cultural and creative products, tea, coffee, beverages, and desserts, the Beijing Shunyi Xinhua Bookstore (Wenyu River Tianyuan Branch) features a stylish and elegant interior design and a pleasant and comfortable courtyard. Books here are clearly classified, easy for readers to search for. Nestling in a beautiful environment, it is an ideal place for reading and purchasing books. The space also boasts a versatile area for experiential activities and a dedicated area for readers to unwind down. Here, you can observe the shifting seasons outside.

The bookstore is surrounded by picturesque scenery, with a comfortable environment inside. Why not open your favorite book and sip a delightful cup of tea? Here, you can enjoy the wonderful moments of life and nourish your soul.

Address: No.6, Wenyu River Park, Shunyi District, Beijing