Situated in a serene traditional Chinese courtyard, the art space is committed to reviving, preserving, and perpetuating the art of Chinese picture-story books. It is a comprehensive urban cultural space that incorporates top-notch picture-story book exhibitions, book sales, reading areas, auctions, restoration of calligraphy and painting works, and study trips.

The east wing serves as a primary sale area for picture-story books. It is divided into three zones: Treasure Hunting, Fine Picture-story Books House and "Joyful Reading" Space. The principal room is a center for studying ancient books and paintings, where free classes for calligraphy and painting restoration are held for young people on a regular basis.

The art space regularly holds various events such as the collection and exhibition of picture-story books, art exchanges, and lectures, providing a platform for picture-story book enthusiasts to learn and communicate. It strives to promote traditional culture and art, recognized and unanimously praised by picture-story book enthusiasts, local residents and tourists.

Address: No.87, Fuchengmen Inner Street, Xicheng District, Beijing