Focusing on the global cool culture, art, fashion, and lifestyle, the LReading Art Bookstore (Shougang Park Branch) fully leverages its role as a bookstore, integrates culture with industrial relics, and creates a multicultural, boundless space that connects history to future.

Featuring culture, art and design books, the bookstore boasts Chinese and foreign traditions, classical culture and art, and modern, contemporary, and trendy culture and art from the East and West. It also has a restaurant, art gallery, Xiaomi experience store, ice cream shop, etc. The bookstore holds art exhibitions, brand pop-ups, cultural lectures, art salons, and other activities irregularly, providing a space integrating reading, learning, exhibition, exchange, party, leisure, and creative life. Based on brand-new cultural thinking and artistic concepts, it offers the public rich artistic practices, indicating a life attitude and lifestyle. 

Address: Floor 1, No.3 Blast Furnace, No.68, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing