Located in the western suburbs of Beijing, Fragrant Hills Park covers an area of 188 hectares and is an imperial garden featuring forests and hills. Built in the 26th year of Emperor Shizong of Jin Dynasty, it has a history of nearly 900 years. In the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, imperial palaces were built on the Fragrant Hills. Emperors would go here to hunt and beat the heat every summer and autumn. Among the well-known "Three Hills and Five Gardens" in the western Beijing, the Fragrant Hills Park is home to one of the hills (Fragrant Hill) and one of the gardens (Jingyi Garden).

With a forest coverage of 96 percent, the Fragrant Hills Park boasts more than 5,800 ancient and famous trees, making it one of the areas with the highest concentration of negative oxygen ions, and a summer resort. The scenery of red leaves on the Fragrant Hills is famous both at home and abroad, becoming the greatest autumn scenery in Beijing.

Address: No.40, Maimaijie, Haidian District, Beijing

Peak Season (From April 1 to November 15): 6:00-19:30 (Last entry at 18:30)

Off Season (From November 16 to March 31): 6:00-19:00 (Last entry at 18:00)