According to historical records, the sedan chair was a means of transportation in Eastern Han Dynasty, and later on, the bride rode in a sedan chair to the groom's home on the wedding day, which gradually became popular in Tang Dynasty. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the old Beijingers regarded the bride's sitting in a bridal sedan chair on the wedding day as a sign of formal and legal marriage. Therefore, the bridal sedan chair industry flourished at that time. There were stores specializing in leasing bridal sedan chairs, gongs and drums, errand-men, and colorful clothes in Beijing. Li Liansheng studied under Xu Chang (1921-2007) and Li Shun (1926-2009), systematically learning the full set of wedding etiquette related to bridal sedan chairs. As he learned widely from others' strong points and combined his sedan chairs with modern design, his sedan chairs are quite popular among the common people.

(Note: Content source is from Haidian District Culture Committee.)