Nearly 100 Cultural Events to Be Launched in Yanqing During May Day Holiday

During this year's May Day holiday, Yanqing will present a "feast of culture and tourism" including nearly 100 events such as those featuring outdoor excursions, flower appreciation, parent-child study tours, farming and harvesting, as well as singing and dancing performances.


The picturesque scenery of the Badaling Great Wall

[Photo via the official WeChat account of the Badaling Great Wall]

For outdoor excursions, during the May Day holiday, visitors can hike up the Badaling Great Wall and Jiuyanlou Great Wall for a panoramic view; engage in outdoor sports such as frisbees, cycling, kayaking, and archery at Beijing Expo Park; and enjoy boating, water flying, and speed boating at Longqing Gorge. On April 28, the 5th Beijing International Garden Festival will kick off at Beijing Expo Park. The May Day holiday will be a perfect time for citizens and visitors to appreciate flowers and take photos, with peach blossoms, tulips, irises, peonies, lilacs, and crabapple flowers all in bloom.

In addition, there are abundant parent-child study tours and art events. During the holiday, Beijing Yeya Lake National Wetland Park will offer an ecological study tour, Baili Landscape Gallery (Bai Li Shan Shui Hua Lang) will host events like the "Dinosaur Expedition Summer Camp", and Yanqing Banquan Sports Park will launch outdoor study events such combining cycling and rice harvesting, and more. In terms of performances, the large-scale show "Dream of China: Great Wall" will make its debut in Yanqing, and the Super Strawberry Music Festival will also take place at the Aviation Camp in Beijing Expo Park.


Flowers in full bloom at Beijing Expo Park in April 2023

In addition, various hotels, homestays, and agricultural cooperatives in Yanqing will offer tourist experiences such as fruit tree planting and strawberry picking during the holiday. Homestays will also roll out experiential activities based on intangible cultural heritage handicrafts as well as Hanfu (the traditional clothes of the Han ethnic group), and outdoor movie nights, among others.

(Source: The Beijing News)