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Beihai Park

Time: Mid-March to late May

Flower varieties: Magnolia, begonia, bauhinia, yellow rose, Chinese snowball viburnum, double-flowering plum, treepeony, herbaceous peony, Chinese wild peach

Location: 1 Wenjin Street, Xicheng District

Taoranting Park

Time: Mid-March to mid-April

Flower varieties: Winter jasmine, Chinese wild peach, magnolia, forsythia, begonia, lilac, flowering plum, Chinese plum, double-flowering plum

Location: 19 Taiping Street, Xicheng District

Jingshan Park

Time: Mid-Aprilto Mid-May

Flower varieties: Tree peony, herbaceous peony, winter jasmine

Location: 44 Jingshan West Street, Xicheng District


Time: March to April

Flower varieties: Winter jasmine, magnolia, Chinese wild peach, Chinese plum, flowering plum

Location: Qianhai West Street, Xicheng District

Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling

Time: March to April

Flower varieties: Begonia

Location: 46 Houhai Beiyan Street, Xicheng District

Beijing Grand View Garden

Time: March to May

Flower varieties: Magnolia, apricot, midget crab apple, pear, flowering plum, flowering peach, forsythia, winter jasmine, treepeony

Location:12 NancaiyuanStreet, Xicheng District

Beijing Zoo

Time: March to May

Flower varieties: Magnolia, apricot, pear, flowering peach, tree peony, herbaceous peony

Location: 137 Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District

National Centre for the Performing Arts

Time: March

Flower variety: Magnolia

Location: No.2 West Chang'an Avenue, Xicheng District