Discover Moshikou on the Ancient Jingxi Path

Moshikou Street is a historical street in Shijingshan, western Beijing. This street has been of great significance for China's capital and other surrounding areas, bustling with merchants and sounds of camel bells, hence its nickname "Tuoling Gudao" (which literally means "an ancient road of camel bells"). In recent years, the street has been known as "Moshikou Historical and Cultural Block" and has undergone renovation, earning reputations such as one of the "Top 10 Most Beautiful Streets and Alleys in Beijing in 2021", "New Internet-famous Check-in Spots in Beijing 2022" and "Second Batch of Beijing Tourist and Leisure Streets". This time, let's take a glance at this street through the photos of Ken Umeda to feel the charm of it!


Jingxi Bookstore, an ideal reading space on Moshikou Street

[Photo by Ken Umeda from Japan]


Cute sculptures seen all around Moshikou Street

[Photo by Ken Umeda from Japan]


The sub-events of Moshikou China-Chic Culture Festival will continue until August this year

 [Photo by Ken Umeda from Japan]


Stamp collection campaign on Moshikou Street

[Photo by Ken Umeda from Japan]