Beijing Subway Introduces Flower Display Cabinets and Public Storage Lockers

What else can you do in Beijing Subway Stations?

In recent years, with more and more convenience stores and breakfast carts in subway stations, many commuters have been able to solve their breakfast dilemma in the stations.


A passenger taking out his breakfast package from an unmanned dining cart at Chaoyangmen Station on Line 6 of Beijing Subway.

Building upon existing services, Beijing Subway has expanded its offerings to meet the diverse needs of passengers, introducing flower display cabinets, public storage lockers, and more.

The flower display cabinets have been undergoing trial operation at 10 stations, including Cishou Si Station on Line 10 and Xitucheng Station on Changping Line. These cabinets employ a mixed online and offline sales model, allowing passengers to purchase bouquets either on-site through the official mini program, or through the online channel and pick them up offline.

During peak tourist seasons, popular scenic areas often attract numerous visitors who come laden with bags, or even suitcases. In response, Beijing Subway has installed nine sets of public storage lockers at five stations, including the Military Museum Station on Line 1/Batong Line, Fengtai Railway Station on Line 10, and the Happy Valley Station on Line 7. Upon arrival at one of these stations, passengers can store their luggage without exiting. The lockers come in three sizes: large, medium and small. Passengers can easily complete the storage process by scanning the QR code with their mobile phones and paying small fees depending on the lockers' sizes.


A passenger using a storage locker at Fengtai Railway Station on Line 10.

Source: The Beijing News