For internship up to 90 days

I. For an applicant to participate in an internship program lasting for no more than 90 days (apply via the "Short-term Foreigner's Work Permit" section of the Service System for Foreigners Working in China)

1. An Application Form for Foreigner's Work Permit, which shall be completed online, printed out (may be photocopied or faxed), stamped with the official seal of the employer or the department authorized by the employer, and then uploaded to the system. The original version is required (one electronic copy). The official seal of the employer includes the common seal and official seal for foreign affairs, human resources, or labor contracts previously authorized and recorded in the system.

2. An internship contract, which must be in Chinese without alteration. The original version will be required (one electronic copy). The contract must adhere to all applicable Chinese laws and regulations and include, without being limited to, the clauses below:

a. Duties specified in accordance with the intern's competencies, training objectives, or vocational goals;

b. A clear description of the intern's duties;

c. Internship period;

d. Maximum weekly working hours for the intern (the sum of working hours and overtime hours must not exceed the maximum);

e. Amounts and methods of payment of internship stipends and overtime allowances (if applicable);

f. Benefits available to interns (if applicable);

g. Insurance coverage for the internship program;

h. Duties of the internship supervisor;

i. Methods to suspend or terminate the internship program;

j. Conditions under which the intern may be absent;

k. Internal regulations of the employer to be observed by the intern (the due diligence and the observance of confidentiality clauses, in particular).

3. An internship confirmation letter. French interns must obtain their confirmation letters from the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service (Service de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle, SCAC) of the Embassy of France in China. German interns must obtain their confirmation letters from German Industry and Commerce Ltd. (including its branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou) under the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer, DIHK). Interns from Singapore should apply for confirmation letters from Business China through their educational institutions. The original version is required (one electronic copy) for each applicant.

4. Information page of the applicant's passport or any other international travel document. The original version is required (one electronic copy). Notice that the passport or the travel document must be valid for at least six months when applying.

5. A bare-headed, full-face photo of the applicant taken within six months. The digital photo (accepted format: JPG) must be taken against a white background and clearly show the face, with no frame. The file should be between 40KB and 120KB, 354-420 pixels in width and 472-560 pixels in height, in 24-bit true color. The original version is required (one electronic copy). Please avoid wearing accessories like hats or headscarves while taking the photo, and if such items are necessary for religious reasons, please ensure that the face remains fully visible.

6. Additional materials: Additional materials may be required by the authority accepting the application or the decision-making body based on the actual circumstances.