Instructions on M (Business) Visa Application

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Foreigners engaging in business activities in China


1. A valid passport or any other international travel document.

2. A completed VISA/STAY PERMIT/RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with one front-facing, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo taken recently against a white background.

3. A valid accommodation registration record in Beijing.

4. The inviting entity's Business License, the Registration Certificate of the permanent representative institution of the inviting foreign enterprise, or any other relevant certificate shall be submitted for verification. For subsequent applications, if the inviting entity remains unchanged, the submission of any of the aforementioned certificates is exempted

5. A letter of consent for visa application issued by the inviting entity shall be submitted. In the case where the applicant is invited by an individual, a letter of consent signed by the individual and his/her ID Card and Household Register shall be submitted.

6. Any foreign national of Chinese descent shall provide copies of the documents proving that he/she once had the nationality of the People's Republic of China, such as a Chinese passport, a household register, a resident ID card, etc. (or certificates proving that his/her parents have/had the nationality of the People's Republic of China).


The processing of each application shall be completed within seven working days upon the submission of all the application materials.

IV. Time and Place of Acceptance

Exit and Entry Administration Service Center of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau: 9:00-17:00 from Mondays to Saturdays (Except statutory holidays)

See the Information on Visa/Stay Permit and Residence Permit Application for the details of the acceptance time and place of each branch office.


1. Every applicant is required to go through relevant procedures in person at the exit-entry administration department of a public security organ. For high-level talented individuals urgently needed by the state, minors aged under 16 and seniors aged over 60, and those with mobility challenges due to illness, their applications may be submitted by their inviting organizations or relatives, or relevant service agencies.

Any individual or organization concerned failing to attend a scheduled interview without valid reasons may face the denial of visa issuance as per the relevant laws. The decision of the exit-entry administration department on matters such as rejecting visa extension, renewal, or re-issuance, or denying the issuance of stay or residence permits, shall be final.

2. In cases of unknown or conflicting nationalities, relevant nationality identification documents such as foreign passports, permanent residence permits, and naturalization certificates shall be submitted. Applicants under 18 years old applying for the first time in China shall also provide their birth certificates, parents' passports, and certificates of residence outside China for nationality determination.

3. Original copies of application materials are required.

4. Relevant materials in foreign languages must be translated into Chinese.

5. Those who have not canceled their Chinese household registration and resident identity card shall do so before application.

VI. Information and Supervision Hotline: +86-10-12367

VII. Official WeChat account of the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau: Beijing Gong'an Churujing

VIII. Related website:→Online Services →Foreigners →Visa/Stay or Residence Permit Application.


1.Foreigners residing in China who apply for the extension of the duration of stay shall file their applications at least 7 days prior to the expiry of the validity period on their visas.

2. During the period when the applicant's passport or other travel document is under legal custody of the exit-entry authority for the issuance of visa or resident permit, the applicant may, bearing the receipt notice of the application herein, travel and reside legally within the territory of China.

3. The exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ may verify the purpose of application through such means as  interview, telephone inquiry and on-the-spot investigation.

4. Decisions made by the exit-entry administration of public security  organ on rejecting applications for extension or reissuance of ordinary visa, or on not issuing foreigners' stay or residence permits or not extending the duration of residence shall be final.

The right to interpret this Instruction shall reside in the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.