1.  The identity document of the motor vehicle driver; in the case where an agent is authorized to submit the application, the identity document of the agent must also be provided; if there is no principal signature on the application form, a power of attorney may be submitted separately; the physical power of attorney does not need to be submitted separately if the driver has applied for the agent service online through the "Jiaoguan 12123" mobile app.

2. Two photos of the motor vehicle driver.

Photo requirements: the driver's ID photos should be straight-edged, bareheaded, and full-color against a white background, which covers the upper body of the driver facing forward and is taken no more than six months before the motor vehicle driver submits the application. Uniforms are not allowed. The photo should be clear and layered, natural in appearance, and with no obvious distortion.

Size: 32mm×22mm (equivalent to 1 inch)

Head width: 14mm to 16mm

Head length: 19mm to 22mm.



Applications are accepted together with supporting materials, reviewed, and recorded in the system once deemed to meet the requirements, after which a new driver's license is made and issued.  


(1) Diplomatic personnel and foreign nationals with changes to names, nationalities, or identity documents should apply at the Office of Vehicle Management of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "Office of Vehicle Management"). Other foreign nationals can apply at the Office of Vehicle Management and its branches.

(2) Other individuals may apply for processing to branches of the Office of Vehicle Management, traffic detachment, vehicle management stations of traffic units of public security organs, service outlets of postal agencies, vehicle management service stations (which handle driver's license services), and government service centers.

(3) Registered users of the "Jiaoguan 12123" app can use the "Traffic Safety Comprehensive Service Management Platform" (交通安全综合服务管理平台) or the app to submit applications. Drivers aged 60 and over may use their friends or family members' accounts of the app to submit applications.

(4) After obtaining their new motor vehicle driver's licenses, applicants can also apply for the electronic licenses with their personal accounts on the app. Those who already have the electronic licenses must re-apply.

Office Hours:

The Office Hours of the Office of Vehicle Management, Branches of the Office of Vehicle Management, Traffic Detachment, and Vehicle Management Station of Traffic Detachment: Weekdays: 08:30-18:00, Weekends: 09:00-16:00 (except for statutory holidays)

The office hours of municipal and district government service centers may vary.

Time Limit:

Completed within half a working day.


CNY 10 per license