Beijing Subway's Line 15 Enhances Its Transport Capacity with Additional Trains and Improved Schedules


Recently, two sets of newly purchased trains for Line 15 completed testing and were officially put into operation. Beijing Subway has also optimized and adjusted the operating schedule of Line 15 to further increase the line's transport capacity to meet passengers' travel needs.

The new trains feature temperature-controlled compartments to ensure that the temperatures are maintained properly for the comfort of passengers. Also, the lighting in each compartment is adjusted automatically based on the interior light conditions to effectively improve energy efficiency.

With the new trains, the minimum interval of arrivals during peak hours has been reduced from three minutes to two minutes and 50 seconds in the morning, and from three minutes and 25 seconds to three minutes and 15 seconds in the evening. It is expected that by the end of this year, seven additional sets of trains will be introduced to Line 15 to further reduce arrival intervals of trains during peak hours.

(Source: Beijing Daily)