'Hello! China - Charming Beijing' Cultural Exchange Event Kicks off in Auckland, New Zealand


On June 17 (GMT+12), the "Hello! China - Charming Beijing" Cultural Exchange Event took place in Auckland, New Zealand. During the event, the development status of Beijing's economic, social, and cultural sectors was presented to the audience, with Beijing Culture Forum promoted. In addition, featured activities such as the "Tea for Harmony" exhibition,  Peking Opera-themed flash mob performances, and traditional Chinese folk music performances, delivering greetings from China to the locals of New Zealand.

The "Hello! China - Charming Beijing" Cultural Exchange Event encompasses traditional Chinese folk music performances and other activities.

At the event, the New Zealand Chinese Blossom Art Troupe comprising members from the local Chinese community played "Jasmine Flower" and "Pokarekare Ana", two well-known folk songs in China and New Zealand respectively. The troupe also presented captivating dance performances such as "Tuanshan Maid", showcasing the allure of Chinese classical arts across linguistic barriers. Guests from China and New Zealand also enjoyed Beijing's jasmine tea, a part of a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage item, and learned to paint facial masks of Beijing Opera.

Greetings from China are conveyed to the people of New Zealand at the "Tea for Harmony" exhibition.

On the day before, beneath the Sky Tower, the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere, flash mob performances featuring Beijing Opera, traditional Chinese folk music, and Beijing drumming took place. The New Zealand Chinese Blossom Art Troupe performed solo pieces like "Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix" with suona and "Horse Racing" with erhu. The New Zealand Beijing Opera Society, also composed of residents of Chinese descent, presented performances of opera classics such as "Mu Guiying" and "Drunken Concubine", in which actors and actresses wore colorful makeup. These performances showcased the allure of China's cultural essence.

The flash mob performances draw the attention of residents and tourists.

The flash mob performances draw the attention of residents and tourists.

Ms. Seden, traveling from Turkey to Oceania, remarked: "The performances surprised me, sparking my desire to visit China." Renate Fryer, who was in Auckland with her family and friends for a football match, commented: "We came to tour the Sky Tower and found the performances by chance. The facial masks are so mysterious and fascinating." A resident of Auckland, working at the Sky Tower, shared that he had participated in a five-hour-long event promoting Chinese culture, which deepened his love for it. He also commented that the performances this time were too short and hoped for more in the future.

(Source: Beijing Daily)