BJ Subway Offers Refund Services for Same Station Entries and Exits in 10 Minutes

In response to the varied needs of travelers, including those who need to pick up someone or items at subway stations, Shanghai Metro, Tianjin Rail Transit, and Nanchang Metro have all launched refund services for visitors who enter and leave the same stations within ten minutes this year. Beijing Subway has recently followed suit  by offering the same services. 

When you enter a subway station in Beijing with a temporary ticket purchased through a self-service machine, if you want to leave from the same station, you can immediately ask for assistance, and the staff will examine the ticket's condition and issue a refund if eligible. You can ask the staff to verify the records and refund the ticket if the ticket has been entered into a ticket-checking machine when leaving.

For a refund, if you have entered a station by scanning a QR code through Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card (Yikatong Card), Alipay, or other Apps alike, please contact the customer services of the App you used. The "10-minute principle", which Beijing Subway has already established for refunding for those who have paid by scanning QR codes, states that a payment may be reimbursed if the payer spends less than 10 minutes in the same station.

Source: Beijing Daily App