Yanqing District to Build a World-Class Great Wall Scenic Area


Yanqing District of Beijing will create a world-class and national 5A-level Great Wall scenic area this year, with the Badaling Great Wall serving as the core. By 2026, this world-class scenic area is expected to open to visitors after sections of the wall are restored.

The first scenic area of the Great Wall open to visitors in China is the Badaling Great Wall. The scenic area has already established a rigorous preservation and administration system to guarantee the complete conservation of all cultural artifacts. At the end of last year, tourists could access the Badaling Great Wall's extended south line.


Extended south line of the Badaling Great Wall

In addition to the Badaling Great Wall, the scenic areas of the Great Wall that are officially opened in Yanqing District include the Shuiguan Great Wall, the Badaling Ancient Great Wall, and the Jiuyanlou Great Wall. Among them, the Shuiguan Great Wall is attractive and steep, while the Jiuyanlou Great Wall is known for its beautiful scenery, both of which are representative sections of the Great Wall.


A visitor posing for a photo on the Badaling Great Wall


Huajiayao Great Wall

Yanqing reportedly boasts an abundance of Great Wall sections, such as those made of bricks and stones, purely stones, or rammed soil. Within its jurisdiction, there are 179.2 kilometers of these historic fortifications. This year, Yanqing will incorporate the local resources, including the Shuiguan Great Wall, the Ancient Great Wall and the Huajiayao Great Wall, with the Badaling Great Wall serving as its focal point. By 2026, Yanqing is anticipated to construct a Great Wall scenic area of international fame that meets the 5A level. By then, over 12 million people are expected to visit the Great Wall each year, and the open portion of the wall in the district will account for 10 percent of its entire length.

(Source: The Beijing News)