'Spring Economy' Campaigns Launched in Beijing


With the arrival of spring, Wangfujing Group has rolled out a series of creative marketing campaigns to bolster the synergy between online platforms and offline venues, providing consumers with convenient and diverse shopping options.

Beijing Department Store

March 29-31 and April 4-6

Discounts will start at 30 percent off.

From now until April 30

You can immerse yourself in an indoor tulip garden created by Hamleys, where you can get spring-exclusive stamps on your photos taken there.

Dong'an Market

From now until March 31

Discounts for garments, shoes and bags start at 40 percent off, while those for cosmetics start at 20 percent off, with an additional five percent off on trendy toys for any purchase.

Chang'an Market

April 3-14

Most goods will be sold 30 percent off, with Youzan Mall's CNY-500 group purchase coupons available at CNY 450 each.

Xidan Department Store (Xidan Commercial Street)

April 4-6

Customized green plants will be on sale.

March 28 to April 15

There will be special offers on Xidan Department Store's WeChat mini program. 

Jinyuan New Yansha Mall

From now until March 31

Immerse yourself in a tea ceremony organized every day.

From now until April 13

Have a try in DIY activities featuring radios, remote-controlled boats, and Ferris Wheel music boxes.

From now until April 6

Performances themed on a magical journey, dynamic street dances, and unplugged concerts will be in place.

Wangfujing Outlets - Xiangjiang Town

April 4-14

Discounts will start at 80 percent off, along with limited-time super deals via the live-streaming sessions on Douyin, additional CNY-100 vouchers for purchases over certain amounts, street dance competitions, and fun runs around the lake.

Yansha Outlets

March 29 - April 14

Discounts start at 80 percent off for spring wear and 20 percent off for summer wear, with additional discounts for multiple purchases of sports/leisure/outdoor brands.

March 29-31, April 4-6, and April 12-14

There will be lucky draws and chances to purchase outdoor gear after spending a certain amount, not to mention the interactive sports games like basketball, fishing and ball throwing.

Wangfujing Outlets - UP TOWN

April 4-14

Discounts for sports brands start at 70 percent off with an additional 40 percent off for multiple purchases.

April 5-6

Smart cycling experiences

April 13-14

1st 3×3 street basketball tournament

WFJ Xiyue Shopping Center

The "#Joy Outdoor Plan" starts now, offering you chances to explore the vibrant outdoor world, with WFJ Xiyue Shopping Center's outdoor sports supply station on Chang'an Street to be unveiled soon.

Yansha Youyi Shopping City (Yansha)

Weekends from March 31 to April 26

There will be a variety of activities: crossover events joined by famous people, sports salons, outdoor product launches, hiking-themed gatherings, photography lessons for families, and photo contests about cycling with prizes.

Wangfujing U Lifestyle Center (You'anmen)

From now until March 31

Come here every Saturday from 15:00 to 16:00 for storytelling and crafts at the Qixian flagship store.


Please refer to the in-store announcements of these venues for details.

(Source: Beijing Daily)