On August 3, the 2023 Origin Coffee Tasting and Promotion Conference - Beijing CBD kicked off in the Central Business District (CBD) in Chaoyang District, Beijing, where diplomatic envoys from multiple coffee-producing countries gathered to share resources and present their country's coffee varieties.

In 2022, China's total import and export trade volume of coffee and the related products reached 230,000 tons, with a total trade value of CNY 9.346 billion. In recent years, Chaoyang has been making significant efforts in developing a "City of Coffee". Currently, the district is home to about 50 percent of Beijing's coffee shops and the CBD itself houses nearly 700 coffee shops. The number of coffee shops per 10,000 people is on par with that of major cities in the world like New York and Tokyo.


The tasting and Promotion Event welcomed guests including the personnel of the coffee-producing countries' embassies in China, a key figure of the International Coffee Organization, staff members of Beijing International Coffee Transaction Center, as well as professional suppliers and buyers. Envoys from countries such as Colombia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Brazil and Timor-Leste promoted their country's coffee products and coffee-relevant cultures on site.


The tasting sessions and latte art performances at the event allowed each buyer to gain a more intuitive understanding of coffee from various countries. A themed salon was also organized on-site, focusing on topics about the business environment, international coffee trade and coffee consumption, to explore the ongoing development of a "City of Coffee".

(Source: Beijing Daily)