ITEC Opens to Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents

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[Photo via The Beijing News]

On May 20, the 12th Chaoyang International Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (ITEC) kicked off, with its Global Entrepreneurship Competition beginning to call for projects simultaneously.

This year, the competition set up "3+X" comprehensive tracks. Besides the three tracks based on the leading industries of the digital economy (namely industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, and digital security), there are also several tracks featuring future-oriented industries like Internet 3.0, digital healthcare, photonic integrated circuits (PICs), future manufacturing, future energy, and future aerospace. Additionally, special competitions for data elements, digital healthcare, as well as the Shan-He-Wan-Gu Innovation Zone of Beijing University of Technology will be run for featured industries and key universities and colleges, with special sessions on cutting-edge technologies to be launched.

This year's competition will continue to offer high-value rewards. The winner of the highest prize this year will get a whopping CNY 5,000,000. The entire reward pool will amount to more than CNY 50,000,000. This year's competition will consist of both domestic and overseas sessions. North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Oceania, and other regions are the main foci of the overseas sessions. Registration is now officially open. Please visit the website "Chaoyang International Talent Port" ( or follow the WeChat account of "Chaoyang Fenghuang Zhi Jia" (朝阳凤凰之家) for more information and registration details.

Entrepreneurs around the world are welcome to register for and participate in the competition.

(Source: Chaoyang District Talent Work Bureau)