First Space Science and Technology Conference Hosted in Beijing

China Daily

The First International Conference on Space Science and Technology opened in Beijing on June 15.

More than 200 representatives from universities and research institutes involved in the space industry, including several renowned Chinese space scientists attended the event and discussed the latest research developments.

The conference was hosted by the Beijing Institute of Technology and organized by the editorial team of the academic journal Space: Science & Technology.

Several academicians from the International Academy of Astronautics and experts from foreign institutions, such as the French Institute of Astrophysics and Moscow Bauman State Technical University, participated in the conference.

By sharing the latest research results, the event aims to build a "new bridge" for cooperation and open dialogue in the field of space, create a "new blueprint" for the coordinated development of space science and contribute wisdom and strength to the global space industry, according to the organizing committee.

During the conference, Chinese and foreign experts delivered reports on cutting-edge academic issues, sharing their latest research achievements in the field of space technology.

The discussed topics included recent space science activities in China, the application and development of digital technologies in China's Tiangong space station, the development of large space optical telescopes, and current and future explorations of Mars and Venus.

The organizing committee said in a news release that this conference will further unleash the development potential in the space industry, create consensus from related parties, promote communication and cooperation between research bodies and business sectors, and break new ground for international cooperation.