Beijing is an internationalized  metropolis where traditional elements meet the ambience of modernity. It  is a city rich in historic heritage, literature, and theatrical offers  staged one after another without interruption. The peaceful courtyards  and hutongs, century-old brands passed down from generation to  generation, and ancient urban landscapes with new leases on  life...Whether you are in downtown or in the suburban areas, you can  always capture the city's distinctive charm from different angles.

To  better acquaint the world with the new charm of this ancient capital,  BeijingService is now calling for entries to the "Beijing Through  Foreigners' Lens" Photo Contest. Feel free to capture the beauty of this  capital with your camera and share how Beijing looks in your eyes with  the whole world.

I. Content

Photos showcasing the natural landscapes, the day-to-day lives of the city's residents, and the unique local culture of Beijing.

II. Eligible Participants

People who love and care about Beijing

III. Requirements

(1)  There are no restrictions on styles, meaning that colored,  black-and-white, single-frame and group photos are all acceptable.  Digital photos (high-resolution original files only) shall be submitted  in JPG format.

(2) Please provide  the following information in the email containing your work: your name  and nationality, the title of the work, the time and place the photo was  taken, a brief description of the work, a mobile phone number for  contact, and any other relevant information.

(3) Contributions must be original works belonging to the individuals submitting them.

IV. How to Submit

Please send your work to the email address ( designated for the submission.

V. Prizes

The  selected photos will be presented on the Official International Web  Portal of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and  "BeijingService". The authors of the works will receive exclusive  souvenirs such as eco-friendly cloth bags, coffee cups, decorative  notebooks, and handbags.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to share what Beijing means to you.