2024 Beijing Book Fair Opens on April 19 for 11 Days



The 2024 Beijing Book Fair opened on April 19 and will run for 11 days until April 29. The main venue for this fair is located inside Chaoyang Park, with the sub venues in physical bookstores in Beijing's 16 districts and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, and four major bookstores owned by Beijing Publications Distribution Group Co., Ltd., and other major bookstores.

This year, the main venue at Chaoyang Park spans 11,000 square meters, with nine special areas including the exhibition and sales area for themed publications. There will be over 400,000 new books, best-sellers, and classic masterpieces of all kinds, indicating a 35-percent increase in the total number of exhibitors compared with the previous event.

The first National Annual Conference for Exhibition and Sales of Antiquarian Books took place in the "Old Books New Knowledge" special area, bringing together over 40 antiquarian booksellers nationwide to showcase and sell exceptional, ancient books. In addition to the establishment of functional spaces like a space for exchanging and purchasing used books, the "Old Book Salon" and other themed events were also launched.

This year's book fair features a real-world-like street block in the main venue to build a reading area based on the scenes deriving from bookstores. It also introduces the "Town of Postal Culture" and the "Area of Cultural and Creative Products of Museums" to introduce various products incorporating postal elements, as well as book fair maps, stamp collecting, punch-ins, and other new means to cater to the changing needs of consumers seeking multi-cultural experiences.

Through the interconnection between the main and sub venues, more than 120 high-quality cultural reading activities will be held during this book fair.

Source: Beijing Daily