Beijing Central Axis Recreated with Gaming Technology, 'Digital Central Axis—Microcosm' to Launch in July

Tencent Games announced that "Digital Central Axis - Microcosm", the world's first immersive digital experience product showcasing the city's historical landscape, would be officially launched online in July this year. It is jointly developed by Tencent, the Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau and the Beijing Office for Central Axis World Heritage Application and Protection. Office.    

To offer users a glimpse of Beijing Central Axis that is typically out of sight, the product accurately reproduces the 7.8-km-long core heritage zone of the Central Axis by adopting gaming technologies such as high-definition photo scanning, game engines and cloud gaming and a four-level map model to create a super-large map of 200km by 200km for the first time. In addition, it integrates interactive game design such as puzzle-solving and collection mechanics to bring to life the "three central axes" - the physical, historical, and conceptual axes - within a digital exhibition framework. The goal is to explore a new approach using gaming technology to invigorate and carry forward cultural heritage and elucidate its value.

Text via Science and Technology Daily

Photo via the teaser of "Digital Central Axis - Microcosm"