Competition for the Transmission and Promotion of Beijing Central Axis Introduces Three New Tracks

On March 31, the 2024 Competition for the Transmission and Promotion of the Beijing Central Axis sponsored by the Bank of Beijing was launched at the Capital Museum.

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Since its inception in 2021, the competition has attracted over 400,000 direct participants from both China and other countries and regions, with the number of indirect participants and audiences totaling over 100 million. For the 2024 edition, the competition will feature six tracks, namely "Revitalization of Old City", "Creative Expressions", "Messenger Experts", "Joyful Journey along the Central Axis", "Central Axis's Patterns", and "Better Life".

The "Revitalization of Old City" track aims to seek suitable pathways and methods for the quality renewal and organic development of Beijing's core area; the "Creative Expressions" track encourages the general public to make multilateral creative expressions for the Central Axis cultural heritage by means of imagery, calligraphy, painting, and creative design, etc.; the "Messenger Experts" track encourages the public, especially young people, to strive to become cultural transmission experts for the Central Axis.

The remaining three tracks were newly introduced in 2024. The "Joyful Journey along the Central Axis" focuses on exploring the themed travel routes of the Central Axis; the "Central Axis's Patterns" track will lay the groundwork for the forthcoming establishment of the Digital Gene Bank for Patterns Along Central Axis; the "Better Life" track promotes a new Chinese-style lifestyles by guiding participants to experience tea and food culture associated with the Central Axis.

From now until mid-July, the competition will open for registration, which is followed by review, preliminary rounds, semifinals, and finals. Participants can inquire about the notice on submission through the competition's official website, WeChat account, and other channels.

(Source: Beijing Daily)