Eight Exciting Activities at Beijing's WTown for May Day Holiday!


Beijing WTown has prepared a lineup of eight special activities for visitors to enjoy during the coming May Day holiday.


From April 30 to May 4, the Great Wall Theater will stage a captivating performance which, inspired by the aesthetics and traditional charm of the Song Dynasty, will immerse the audience in the poetry and allure of traditional Chinese culture through blending music, dance, poems, and paintings.

A grand talent draft titled "13 Floral Deities" will take place from May 1 to 2 at the Riyue Island Square in Beijing WTown. This event will showcase the beauty of Hanfu (the traditional clothes of the Han ethnic group) and attract many Hanfu enthusiasts.



Catering programs like the cruise breakfast, cruise afternoon tea, and cruise feast will also be reintroduced. Additionally, Beijing WTown offers various opportunities to experience intangible cultural heritage handicrafts. Visitors can learn about traditional skills like papermaking, movable type printing, and cloth weaving. They can also participate in intangible cultural heritage-related activities like printing and dyeing, rubbing, paper-cutting, and tie-dying.


Furthermore, the scenic area will introduce a range of activities based on the Simatai Great Wall for visitors to enjoy, including hikes along the Simatai Great Wall and evening tours during which visitors can carry lanterns. In addition, there are captivating night performances, such as the Kongming Lantern Show, that will provide visitors with exciting nighttime experiences.

Photos via official website of Miyun District People's Government of Beijing Municipality

(Source: Beijing Daily App)