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[Photo via VCG]

Sunflower Courtyard Bed and Breakfast

Founded in April 2021, the Sunflower Courtyard Bed and Breakfast endeavors to become a sharing platform for the integrated development of urban and rural areas (urban-rural development), and combines agriculture, culture, tourism, education, and entertainment.

Covering an area of nearly 800 square meters, the Sunflower Courtyard Bed and Breakfast is an ideal place for eating, drinking, entertainment, and cultural enjoyment. Its seven rooms are carefully designed to be refreshing and comfortable, able to accommodate up to 25 guests. The 24-hour thoughtful butler service is available for a safe, hygienic living environment for customers. 

With an area of more than 2,000 square meters outside, it focuses on the "outdoor diversified experience", suitable for team-building activities, family gatherings, training programs, and other customized events.

The Sunflower Courtyard has received several honorable titles and awards, such as Member of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Changping District, Beijing, Excellent Award in Beijing, and Third Prize in Changping District in the Fifth "Start-up Beijing" Entrepreneurial Innovation Competition for Rural Revitalization, etc.

Address: No.376 of Baiyangcheng Village, Liucun Town, Changping District, Beijing Municipality

Tanzhe Houyuan

Surrounded by mountains, Tanzhe Houyuan features a flat and open terrain cleverly carved out by nature. The scenic spot was open to the public since 2015 under the theme of pastoral scenery in the mountains and Australian-style cuisine.

Tanzhe Houyuan has an open-air barbecue area where dozens of high-quality ingredients are carefully selected and the guests can enjoy themselves in open-air barbeque under the blue sky and white clouds. The guests are required to make a reservation for the meals here, and there should be no more than 20 tables for each meal with a maximum number of guests of fewer than 500 each day so that the privacy of each guest can be fully protected. 

Address: No.68, Dongjie, Sangyu Village, Tanzheshi Town, Mentougou District, Beijing Municipality

Beijing Brickyard Retreat

Repurposed from a glazed tile factory, Beijing Brickyard Retreat best preserves the former factory's original appearance and baking traces. Besides a few original yaodong (house caves) that have been retained, the integration of bricks and tiles elements and modern artistic can be seen everywhere in the Hotel.

Beijing Brickyard Retreat has maintained the traditional style of the northern Chinese countryside at the utmost. The hotel adopts natural light for its pursuit of sustainability, and the guest rooms are equipped with oversized glass windows with half curtains so that guests can enjoy the magnificent view of the Great Wall when they are on the balcony or lying in bed, or even taking a shower. At this hotel, guests can experience not only the feel-at-home guesthouse services but also the fusion of history and culture. You can also rent a vehicle or take a walk to feast their eyes on the surrounding scenery helped by a hiking map provided by the hotel.

Address: South of Beigou Village, Bohai Town, Huairou District, Beijing Municipality

Beijing Ziyang Mountain Villa Cluster

With an area of 110,000 square meters and 224 villas in different styles, Beijing Ziyang Mountain Villa Cluster provides premium lifestyle services for guests visiting Tanzhe Temple and surrounding attractions. Currently, more than 30 boutique guesthouses are open to the public, involving Chinese, Japanese, Nordic, pastoral and other styles.

Beijing Ziyang Mountain Villa Cluster preserves the antique pedestrian paths and natural terraces, dotted with pebble walls and thousand-year-old trees. Based on the architectural styles of folk houses in western Beijing combined with improved modern lifestyles and building materials, the guesthouse cluster has become the "Ancient Village Guesthouse Cluster Resort on the Hillside" in western Beijing, to satisfy visitors in modern times for vacation, leisure, entertainment, and health preservation.

Address: No.288, Tanwang Road, Tanzhe Temple Town, Mentougou District, Beijing Municipality

Beijing in S and N Resort

Focusing on cultural tourism and leisure vacation, Beijing in S and N Resort offers 24 unique guest rooms. Thanks to the staggered arrangement of different buildings, each room can enjoy an unblocked unique view. Also available at the hotel are a parking lot, a restaurant, an outdoor terrace dining area, a bar, a gym, a swimming pool, a conference room, a book bar, and other facilities for leisure and entertainment.

The Resort is a place for people living in urban areas to come close to nature and refresh their minds. It is hoped that every guest can temporarily shake off the hustle and bustle, and find themselves in the tranquility of the countryside.

Address: Xidamo Village, Mentougou District, Beijing Municipality

Beijing Longyuanli Hostel

Backed by Jiulong Mountain, Longyuanli Hostel is located on the north shore of Huanglong Lake with traditional courtyards lined up along the mountain, forming a cluster of chic guesthouses with excellent privacy. At present, eight sets of courtyards have been built in the Phases I and II Projects. With distinctive front views and varied sceneries throughout the year, it offers diverse back-to-nature experiences, allowing guests to dabble in the water in summer and enjoy the snow scene in winter.

In addition to the great views, Longyuanli Hostel is dedicated to bringing special experiences to the guests, and you can have a first-hand feeling of living the life of ancient literati by dressing up in ancient costumes, sipping tea, reciting poetry, painting with brushes, and playing the guqin and the flute; you can also dip into the rural life by engaging in farming, picking fruits and vegetables, and making tofu.

Plus, the Hostel organizes activities like archery, barbecue parties, and night cinema as well, taking the wonders to you and bringing you back to the simple happiness you deserve.

Address: Shangmo Village, Yongning Town, Yanqing District, Beijing Municipality

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing is shaped like a rising sun from the front view. Inspired by the sunrise, the Hotel perfectly fits into the surrounding mountains and rivers, symbolizing harmony and unity. Seen from a side view, it takes the shape of the "scallop", which represents "wealth" in Chinese culture.

The Hotel boasts 302 guestrooms and suites, where guests can enjoy great views of Yanqi Lake, verdant mountains and lush trees, as well as conference facilities, a spa center, recreational and fitness facilities, an indoor swimming pool, a kids club, and other outdoor facilities. The Hotel is equipped with five restaurants and bars with distinct styles, offering authentic Chinese delicacies and cuisines from all over the world, and unforgettable meals to guests.

Address: No.A-18, Yanshuilu, Yanqi Lake, Huairou District, Beijing Municipality

Puli Diary Guesthouse

With the great diversity of design, the Diary of Puli Guesthouse has magically found unity among all the styles: freedom. The people-oriented design integrates with diversified cultures, creating a visual splendor for guests.

The Guesthouse aims to redefine vacation and deliver the concepts of nature, romance, color, and innovation. It draws inspiration from life and applies it to design. This is a kind of reconstruction and reflection on life aesthetics. The establishment of different aesthetic styles in small areas has become the soul of the brand. The Guesthouse offers a series of featured services including a hot spring in winter and a mountain-view swimming pool in summer.

Address: Hanhaozhuang Village and Maying Village, Yanqing District, Beijing Municipality