Beijing Huijia Vocational College (HJC) is a full-time and civilian-run higher vocational college, which has obtained the qualification granted by the national formal higher education program to enroll students under the national unified enrollment plan of regular universities and colleges.

The college is situated in the midst of Zhongguancun Science Park in Changping District. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the campus is scenic and easily accessed.

Beijing Huijia Vocational College consists of Teacher College, Artificial Intelligence Engineer College, Leisure Sports and Management Department, and General Education Center. It has three characteristic majors, namely Preschool Education, Film and Animation and Leisure Sports. It also has a rich collection of engineering majors, including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Informatization of Rail Transit, which are co-sponsored by the college and enterprises. All majors focus on their own professional fields and aim at cultivating international talents. They are dedicated to cultivating high-quality and specialized technical talents that have professional ability and craftsmanship, and can adapt to the new economy, new business forms and new technologies.

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