Beijing Wuzi University (BWU) is a public regular institution of higher education characterized by logistics and circulation. With economic disciplines as the foundation and management disciplines as the backbone, the BWU has achieved a coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as Economics, Management, Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Law. The BWU is located in the east of Chaoyang Beilu, the core area of the Beijing sub-center, and the source of the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

The BWU was founded in 1980. In February, 2018, with the approval of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, the Beijing School of Business Science and Technology was incorporated into the BWU.

Over the past decades, the BWU has cultivated a large number of senior professionals in the field of circulation for China, especially in such industries as logistics, securities, futures. Graduates of the BWU enjoy a relatively high social reputation.

Adhering to its motto: Be virtuous, erudite, practical and innovative, the BWU is striving to build a center for cultivating high-quality logistics talents, a research center for logistics theory, a center for logistics policy and decision making consulting and a logistics technology innovation center at municipal or even state level. The BWU is making great progress towards the goal of building a distinctive high-level application-oriented university.

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