The "Stride to the Future" Changping District Entrepreneurship Training Camp for Foreign Talent 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the "Training Camp") was recently launched. The three-month-long event features thematic lectures on topics such as "How College Students Can Start Business Projects", "Opportunity Identification and Market Positioning" and "Digitalization and New Entrepreneurship Modes". The Training Camp is expected to provide a platform for international students studying in Beijing and young, talented foreigners residing in the city to showcase their abilities and exchange information regarding innovative entrepreneurship, thus promoting innovative entrepreneurship among these capable foreigners in Changping. Nearly 100 international students from universities such as the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), North China Electric Power University, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, participated in the Training Camp.


In recent years, Changping District has been actively facilitating the integration of campuses with the city as a whole, as well as with the sectors of industries, education, and research. Leveraging the available resources of universities and colleges within the district with the Future Science City taking center stage, Changping focuses on strengthening talent cultivation and facilitating international exchanges. By encouraging more international students to start businesses and innovative projects in Changping, talent supply is guaranteed for promoting high-quality development.

(Source: Changping District Radio and Television Network)