In order to support the construction of a high-caliber talent hub in the capital and the development of Beijing as an international center for science and innovation, to enhance the level of talent services and create a favorable environment for talent services, Beijing Overseas Talents Center has launched the Zhongguancun International Talents Service Area on October 31, 2023, aiming at providing professional and efficient government services, career development services, and life security services for a large number of talents. The relevant matters are announced as follows:


Building 2, Innoway, 39 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing


1. Services for Overseas Students, including processing work residence permits, talent introduction, and official dispatch of students abroad for non-educational purposes.

2. Consulting services for foreigners working in China, including foreign talents high-end confirmation letter and foreigners work permit in China.

3. Comprehensive Services for High-level Talents, including career development services, life support services, financial services, and related social services.

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Starting from October 31st, 2023, the service hall of Beijing Overseas Talents Center, originally located in Zhongguancun Taipeng Building, has been relocated to the Zhongguancun International Talents Service Area (Building 2, Innoway). A dedicated work window for overseas students has been established. Additionally, a consultation service window for foreigners coming to work in China has been added.

Beijing Overseas Talents Center

October 31, 2023